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Warning: you’re losing money by not stacking coupons

Have you ever browsed through deal breakdowns only to be totally confused? Me, too.

You've probably noticed the world of coupons has a language of its own. Check out my coupon lingo cheatsheet if you haven't yet. Good news: once you get the hang of the chatter, it is very easy to follow along. 

Today I'm going to explain coupon stacking. Stacking coupons will bring your savings potential to the next level. Stacking coupons, or deals, together in one transaction allows you to save big time. 


Let's start with Target. If you haven't yet, download Target's Cartwheel app. Not only can you stack a Cartwheel (CW) offer with a manufacturer's coupon (Q), but you can add in a Target coupon (TQ). Here is a deal example using coupon stacking at Target:

stacking coupons deal example breakdown


Ibotta is a money-saving-app. Once you have it downloaded, select the store you plan to shop at, browse offers, and unlock the deals you want. Stack an in-store deal, a manufacturers coupon, and an Ibotta offer for significant savings. You'll find that there are many apps similar to Ibotta. Download as many as you feel you can manage. App offers can also be stacked. You can use an Ibotta offer and Checkout 51 offer on the same item. 

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Price matching is when a store reduces their price to match, or sometimes even beat, their competitor's price. To take advantage of price matching, you will have to talk to your cashier or service desk. Every store has a different policy on price matching so be sure to do your research. Price matching can turn a good deal into an unbelievable deal, use it to your benefit any time you can.

Have you already joined the CVS loyalty program? CVS offers their rewards via "extra care bucks" (ECB). Stacking coupons, sales, and ECB at CVS will help you achieve a nice stockpile at rock bottom prices. 

Many other stores, such as Walgreens and Rite Aid, will allow you to stack coupons. Don't forget to check out your local grocery store for their policies. 

Some Coupon Stacking No-No's

Stacking coupons has some limits. 

  • You can never stack two manufacturer coupons on one item. If you're buying one box of tissues, you can only use one coupon. If you're buying multiple items, you can use multiple coupons. Most coupons have a limit of four like coupons per transaction. Read your coupons fine print before heading to the store. 
  • Target will not always allow you to use a Cartwheel offer in combination with price matching. In my experience, this is highly dependent on which Target you shop at and what cashier you use. If your deal depends on stacking CW and price matching, be prepared to be shot down. You can always try another Target. 
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