Tip One Budgeting Challenge

Budgeting Challenge – Take control once and for all!

get out of debt one step at a time

Welcome to Tip One of the Budgeting Takeover Challange! 

These simple tips are a great starting point for you to take back control of your budget. No matter where you are in your budgeting journey, these simple steps will help you. 


What kind of spender are you? What kind of saver are you?

Ask yourself these questions and be honest in your responses. Next, ask yourself: What kind of spender do you want to be? What kind of saver do you want to be? Keep your answers clear in your head as you make budgeting choices. Set clear goals for yourself, and keep track of your success! 


How many emails show up in your inbox each and every day with a sale, promotion, limited time offer, once-in-a-lifetime savings extravaganza? Have you noticed that some companies have the same sale almost every week? When you get that email announcing the sale, even though you know they had the same sale last week, you still feel a desire to click the link and spend. 

Get this temptation out of your life NOW!

Go through your e-mail and unsubscribe from all of the marketing emails in your accounts. If you commonly delete your e-mails, you may need to do this step over time, as new marketing e-mails arrive in your inbox. If you save (or ignore) your e-mail, you should be able to quickly go through and hit unsubscribe. Look at the bottom of each marketing e-mail for an unsubscribe link. Some links require you to fill out a form so make sure you follow the process all the way through.

Maybe you're thinking, "but wait! I need some of those sales offers!" No problem. If you don't already have a secondary e-mail account, go ahead and set up one. Then, using this secondary e-mail account, go ahead and subscribe to the marketing e-mails you need. Don't add this secondary e-mail account to your phone or tablet. Check it only when needed. 

Congratulations on completing step one! Easy, enough right? Comment below and share how many e-mail lists you just unsubscribed from! 

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