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Save $400 a month on groceries

easily save money on groceries

Do you wish you could save money on your groceries? If your grocery bills seem to increase, while your paycheck stays the same: it's time to make a change.

"How can I lower my grocery bill?"

  • Coupons are getting easier and easier to use. Once a week, head to our printable coupons page and print any coupons you think you may use. 
  • Research your local stores for the best coupon policies. Look for a store that doubles or even triples manufacturer coupons. 
  • Get serious about finding the best deals. Your store's weekly flyer should be you new BFF. Using the weekly flyer, look for store offered deals you can pair with your coupons. The best deals happen when you can stack coupons with store offers.
  • Sign up for your store's loyalty program or rewards card. Many stores offer better pricing for cardholders. Research the program your store uses. Take advantage of digital coupons through your store's website.
  • Download and utilize money saving apps. Try Ibotta, MobiSave, and SavingStar to start. Check out detailed reviews of these apps here.

"What other ways can I save money?"

  • Stockpile. Take advantage of red hot deals by purchasing in bulk. You should consider buying a three month supply of laundry detergent when your store offers it at a significantly discounted price instead of buying only one bottle. 
  • Take advantage of store's price matching policies. Benefiting from price matching is easy at larger stores such as Target or Walmart.
  • Sign up to receive saving alerts from the coupon mentor, and never miss a hot deal again.
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