My Supplies

Welcome to my supplies list! These are all of the products that I use for successful couponing. I love hearing what other people use, so let me know if you have found a product and would like a featured post! 

The "Must Haves"

Up first, a three ring binder. You can get a binder just about anywhere but make sure you choose a heavy duty one. You'll be using it a lot! 

I recommend this AmazonBasics 4 pack of 2" binders. I like having spares, the quality is good, and the price is right. 

Coupon sheets. You may not have heard of these before, but they are an essential for coupon organization. You will love being able to flip through and find the coupon you need quickly. I recommend getting two packs of 20. You most likely will end up extras, but better too many than not enough. Coupon sheets are perfect for internet printables, paper coupons, and Catalina's. I organize my coupons by brand name, and I also have a section in the back for store-specific coupons. 

An accordion folder is an easy way to keep track of your coupons you haven't had a chance to sort. If you are a peelie grabber, an accordion folder will be necessary. Use this binder for all the coupons you grab on the go, print quickly, or receive randomly. When you can sit down to sort your coupons, they will already be in one place. Trying to find coupons you've shoved in your purse, pockets, car, desk, or wallet takes too much time and energy. This accordion folder is also the best place to store receipt and mail-in rebate paperwork.

A zippered pouch will make your shopping trip easier. Once you've made your list and sorted your coupons, pack them up in your pouch. When you get to the store, everything will be organized. You will not have coupons lost in the bottom or your purse. Organization is essential for successful couponing. If you're often in a state of random chaos, like me, a coupon pouch will be even more critical to your success. 

The "Nice To Haves"

Microsoft Excel will save you a ton of time sorting coupons. You will have to get used to adding your coupons into Excel, but once you do, you will love the ease. The biggest mistake I made when first starting was keeping all of my coupons in a big pile. I wasted so much time being unorganized. Adding your coupons into Excel means, you can quickly search to see what coupons you have. You will be building your personal coupon database.

You will find that printer paper can be very expensive. By ordering in bulk on Amazon, you will save money. You won't need to worry about printing coupons you may not end up using. I definitely recommend purchasing this paper.