inserts vs printables

Inserts vs. Printables: Which is Better?

inserts vs printables

If you're wondering if you need to buy inserts or if you should focus on printables you're not alone. One reason my first attempt at couponing failed is because I was trying to do it all. I was asking friends, family, and strangers for their inserts. I was trying to download every coupon available on the internet on any given day. Realizing how much time, energy, and money I was wasting, I knew something had to change.

What is right for you?

Let's talk about each kind of coupon. 


If you're purchasing Sunday newspapers to get your inserts, you are probably spending too much. You'll need at least 4 of each coupon to take advantage of the best deals. If you're trying to build a stockpile, you'll need even more. You can also get inserts by asking friends and family, contacting your local recycling center, or asking local businesses if you can have their leftover papers on Monday mornings. You can also buy inserts on facebook or Instagram. If you're purchasing in bulk from someone on the internet, please be sure you check their feedback first.

Coupon inserts are regional. What one person gets in their SmartSource might not be what is included in yours. You may become frustrated when you're trying to follow a deal breakdown but simply don't have the right coupons. If you know about a deal ahead of time, you can try to order inserts that include the specific coupons you need. I always go wild when Target has a deal on Iams. I will order at least 20 inserts with the correct coupon because I know my savings will more than cover the cost of the inserts. 

Internet Printables

My coupon of choice would have to be internet printables. I find that they are easier, cost  less money, and just fit my style a bit better. Since you will be limited to two prints per computer or device, having  2 or more computers is key. Buy your printer ink and paper in bulk at excellent prices if you are going to be printing a lot of coupons. You may find that a downside to internet printables is that they can be there one day and gone the next. Because of this, you will end up printing quite a few coupons that you don't end up using in time. I suggest heading over to our internet printables page every few days and printing any coupons you think you may use. If you wait until a deal pops up to print them, they may already be gone. 

Your best option is probably to use a mix of both options. If you're feeling overwhelmed, though, it can be easier to start with one or the other. You may want to try both kinds and see what works best for you. Do you prefer inserts or printables and why? Post a comment below and let us know!

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