coupon tips the experts swear by

How to Save Money, Couponing tips the experts swear by

coupon tips the experts swear by

1. Keep your coupons organized. Knowing which coupons you have and where they are will save you time and energy.

2. Choose a few local stores and learn their coupon policies inside and out. Be polite to the cashiers and try to build a good relationship with them. If the local clerks see you and become filled with dread, couponing successfully will not be easy. Be firm but polite.

3. Find reliable and affordable coupon sources. Whether you purchase whole inserts, single coupons, or only use printables, make sure you are using the best source. You may find that you're overpaying for your coupons. Your overall savings will be affected by how much you spend on your coupons so be sure not to overspend. 

4. Money saving apps are getting easier and easier to use. You should download and use as many of these apps as you can reasonably manage. You can also take advantage of referral bonuses with some of these apps; help your friends save money and put a little green back into your own pocket! 

Save money for better things!

5. Keep track of any Catalina's, gift cards, or other bonuses you earn. Don't reach $19 in rewards on Ibotta and then abandon the app. If you do a deal that earns you $10 in CVS Extra Care Bucks, make sure you spend them. Make sure whatever rewards you're working towards, or have already earned, get used.  

6. Loyalty Programs will be your new BFF. If you do nothing else towards using coupons, make sure you take advantage of your store's loyalty program. Not all stores use loyalty cards but those that do tend to offer significant savings for their users. You'll find that many of these cards offer extra bonuses, such as gas rewards, that you can earn.

7. Keep track of your savings. Have you ever wondered how much money couponing saves you? Tracking your savings will shed some light on the big picture. Verify that you're not overspending on "good deals" that you don't need, coupon purchases, or chasing run deals. You may find that tracking your savings helps keeps you motivated! I love seeing how much I saved each month.

Couponing Should be fun!

8. Having a coupon buddy can make all the difference. Everything is more fun with a friend and couponing is no exception.  Share deals, coupons, and even fails. If you can't find a friend local to you, the internet is jammed packed with possible friends. Making connections makes couponing twice the fun.

9. If you are looking for an easy way to find deals, look no further; social media is a fantastic resource. Check out Instagram hashtags, FaceBook groups, and even Snapchat for deal breakdowns.  My personal favorite is browsing #targetdeals on Instagram.

10. Your goal should be to do as much of the work and planning before you ever leave home. You should make your list, find your coupons, and check your store inventory online before setting out. If you're using apps, choose and unlock rebates. There will be times you will find a spur-of-the-moment deal, but for the most part, preplanned shopping will result in the most savings. 

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