Hi! My name is Kellie, and I am the voice behind The Coupon Mentor. My interest in couponing was born out of my stacks of debt.

I started using coupons during the lowest point in my life. My family was $65K in debt with no end in sight. With four young children, I simply wasn't able to take on a traditional job. When you've been a stay-at-home mom for several years, the job prospects aren't too promising, especially when you factor in child care costs.  After my husband's business had been forced to downsize, we knew we were in trouble. Being short every month led us to use credit cards to make ends meet, and the vicious cycle continued.

Our marriage was struggling. The stress of not having enough money each month was overwhelming every aspect of our lives. I began going through our budget. As a family of 6, our food budget was high each month. I decided to try cut back by buying generic brands, cutting out soda and extras, and only shopping sales. The changes helped, but it wasn't enough.

I started reading about coupons and was immediately intrigued. People were sharing pictures of receipts and huge piles of food that they purchased for next to nothing. I decided to give it a go. Reading everything I could find, I tried to build up enough coupons, but it felt like I was always missing the deal. Unable to figure out how people were getting 25 of each coupon, how they were finding the sale items in stock, or how it all came together for them. Quickly, it became just another frustration. I moved on to other "make money online" methods and forgot about coupons for a while.

Feeling like I failed, I gave up. Have you felt that way about couponing?

I continued to read coupon blogs and see fantastic deals shared. I made a plan and decided to give coupons another chance.

Once I figured out a successful coupon system, I started to track my savings closely. My big breakthrough moment happened when I realized a $38 shopping trip was going to meet my families need for the entire week. We had just over $200 left in our food budget that week that we were able to put directly into debt. Paying down debt is a great feeling, and I was hooked.

Soon, friends and family were asking me for guidance. Eventually, I had people contacting me with questions, and I decided to start a workshop. Finally, the Coupon Mentor website was born.