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Budgeting Challenge – Tip 4

Thanks for checking out Tip 4 and being a part of the budgeting challenge! If you've completed tips 1 - 3, tip 4 will be a walk in the park. Tip 4 revolves around making money online.

Chances are, if you have debt you're already paying it down all you can each month. Since an important part of getting out of debt is paying more than your minimum payments, you're going to need a secondary income source. Using coupons will reduce your food budget but if you have a large amount of debt, it won't be enough.

Now, I'm going to walk you through some ideas to make money online. Whether you join a survey site and earn coupons, or become a copywriter and earn cash, every bit helps. There are many ways to make money online, so feel free to search beyond this post for more ideas.

Legitimate Survey Sites

SwagBucks is  my top survey site choice. It's easy to use, offers tons of bonus points, and has great payout options. SwagBucks has a very low minimum payout beginning at only $3. When you complete activities you earn "SB". 100 SB is the equivalent of $1. Make sure to check out my SwagBucks review for a full overview.

making money online with survey junkie

Survey Junkie is another good choice. The site is easy to navigate. Their minimum payout begins at 1000 points. You can choose gift cards from tons of places. By answering some basic questions when you join, you will instantly earn points. Survey Junkie always has a lot of available surveys.

making money online with inbox dollars

InboxDollars has 1 serious pro and 1 unfortunate con. Good news first: InboxDollars offers payouts in the form of a Visa Check Card or an actual check. If you're trying to earn money to pay down your debt or save for a specific goal, being able to choose your earnings in real cash is pretty significant. With that, comes the downside. At $30, they have one of the highest minimum payout amounts I've encountered. Making money online is easy with InboxDollars.

making money online with yougov

YouGov has a lot to offer. They offer surveys about a variety of topics so don't let the name turn you off. YouGov uses a point system and has a 30,000 point requirement to cash out. Don't let the large number scare you off, though. You can earn 2000 just for creating an account and taking your first survey. YouGov offers gift cards to places like Amazon, AMC, Walgreens, GameStop, Foot Locker and more.

Making money online

  1. Start an e-Bay business. If you have a lot of stuff that you've been meaning to get rid of, e-Bay might be a great way for you to make a little extra cash. If you succeed you may want to take it one step further and start an actual e-Bay store. While it's true that you have to spend money to make money, an e-Bay store is a good choice for a low overhead business you can run in your spare time. If you are interested in reading more about running a successful e-Bay store, comment below and I'll make a separate post.

2. Join Wealthy Affiliates. This can be a huge money making side business for you... but only if           you have some time to put into it.  There are many people that are successful enough with             Wealthy Affiliates that it is their only source of income. It takes time and effort to build up a             solid account but the rewards are GREAT.

3. Work from home as a Transcriber. Check out You must know          at least one other language and they do have some other requirements but it's worth                        checking out. 

4. Start a blog. This one might be a bit more than you want to take on, and it's usually a slow way      to make money.  That said, blogging can be a great and lucrative experience! If you have a              niche subject you'd like to blog about and you think blogging would be fun, I highly                            recommend trying it out.

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